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Our Values


A bookshop is nothing without the community of readers, authors, and curious visitors who bring the shop to life. We are here to help nurture and sustain a love of books, to support local authors and artists, and to host an exciting range of bookshop events. We hope to support Pickering as much as we can by providing a hub for reading, a place where people can come together to celebrate amazing books or quietly discover their next favourite author.

A Bookshop for Pickering

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We believe every town needs a bookshop! Pickering is lucky to have a well established second-hand bookshop in Yorkshire Quality Books. We sell new books and art materials.


Our hope is to provide a personalised service, both in the shop and online, by offering reading recommendations and guidance. If we don't know, we'll do our best to find out and get back to you. We'll also listen to the type of books our customers like to read, and evolve our stock so that there's always something new to discover.

We want our local community to be a part of the shop. From a 'suggestions' box, where readers can recommend their favourite books which will then be featured for others to enjoy, to the names, quotes and decorations we'll curate over time, Pickering Book Tree is for the community.

Always Something Going On

Coffee and Book

We hope to provide a high level of community engagement through regular events such as visiting author evenings and book readings, by sharing our space with local reading groups, and by nurturing good relationships with our local schools.

We're keen to partner with local groups and businesses, especially to promote or jointly organise community or green centred events. 

We also have a lot of ideas for future reading and writing related activities, which we can't wait to develop and share!

A Place to Celebrate Books!


We want Pickering Book Tree to be:


  • A place to discover your next favourite author or find the perfect gift

  • A cosy space for reading groups and bookshop events

  • A home to share a love for books and art and nature

  • A bookish community hub for readers from occasional to voracious

  • A welcoming bookshop for all


Let's celebrate amazing books together!

Support a Love of Reading at All Ages


It makes us so happy when we hear someone is an avid reader. We believe reading really is the best way to relax and adventure at the same time!


We want to encourage a love of reading at all ages, and will do our best to support the skill of reading, encourage enthusiasm for a good book, and recommend stories that even reluctant readers will devour. 


We're keen to build relationships with our local schools, and organise visits to suit. We will be especially active around events such as World Book Day, but will run other fun and engaging reading campaigns throughout the year.

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