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Autumn Foliage

Let's Celebrate National Poetry Day by Writing a Poem Together

To mark National Poetry Day on 6th October 2022, we hope to compile a collective poem on the theme of Autumn. This will be a joint project between Pickering Book Tree and members of the community.

How Will It Work?

It's easy to join in and contribute to the collective poem!


Simply write one line of poetry about any aspect of autumn and submit it via the form below. We have a paper form and submission box available in the shop if you prefer the pen and paper method.


Anyone can submit a line. You can do this anonymously if you prefer. Or you can include your name and be acknowledged in a list of names alongside the poem.

All lines submitted before the end of Sunday 16th October (as long as they are appropriate for younger audiences) will be compiled into a poem by the Pickering Book Tree team. 

Ready to write your line? Skip to the submission form or pop into the shop before the deadline (we are closed on Sunday).


Want to find out more? Keep reading below...

Stuck for Ideas?

Your line could be about autumnal creatures, changing colours, darkening evenings, the smell of damp earth and bonfires, memories or emotions relating to this time of year, curling up with a book and a blanket, hibernation, ghost stories, the end of summer. Or anything else that comes to mind when you close your eyes and think about autumn, or anything you notice as this season develops.

Your Potential Questions Answered

Can I submit more than one line?

Yes, however if we receive a lot of submissions from each person the poem could get a bit too long! Two or three should be fine if you can't decide between ideas though. 

Can I change my line after submitting it? How about if I submitted anonymously?

Yes, it is possible to change your line even if you submitted it anonymously. You can do this by creating a new submission on the website and stating that it is to replace a previous submission under the same name. If you submitted anonymously, please provide your best approximation of the line you'd like to replace. If there is any doubt on which line should be replaced, we will include both to avoid the risk of removing someone else's line.

Where will the poem be published?

We will publish the poem on our website (on this page) in the week beginning Monday 10th October. A link will also be shared on social media. We may in the near future also produce a recorded version to publish on YouTube. The video would also be available on this page and shared on social media. 

Will there be any prize or payment for the lines provided?

There will be no payment for lines, but we hope that coming together to create something and seeing your words included in the completed poem will bring a little joy. There will also be no prizes or ranking of lines.

How will the lines be ordered in the poem?

It depends on the submissions received. The lines will likely be grouped by sub-theme. We'll try to look for flow and how the different lines link to one another as much as possible. 


Can I share the poem with others once it has been published?

Of course, that is a lovely idea! You can share the poem however you like, though preferably do this by directly sharing the poem page on our website, social media posts, or YouTube video.

How will you acknowledge participants?

Anyone who provides their name will be included in the list of contributors. This will be ordered alphabetically. Your line will not be linked directly to your name, though you're welcome to tell people which part of the poem you wrote if you like. Those who contribute a line anonymously will be grouped together (e.g. 'and X anonymous poets'). Pickering Book Tree will be listed as the compiler of the poem. 

Any other questions?

You can email us, message or comment on social media, or pop into the shop to ask us in person.

Submit a Line of Poetry

The submission deadline has now passed and we are busy compiling the collective poem. Check back soon to read it!

Thanks for contributing to the poem! We have received your line of poetry.
Submit a Line of Poetry
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